Knights of Malta – expected and unexpected members


Queen-Elizabeth-II-Older-WEB Queen Elizabeth II

SMOM-King-Juan-Carlos-Order-of-the-Garter-300x300-300x300 King Juan Carlos of Spain

thabombeki2 Thabo Mbeki (ex South African President)

Nelson-Mandeal-Desmond-Tutu-Knight-of-Malta Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu

king-adamtey-i-of-ghana-his-supreme-highness-baron-nicholas-papanicoalou King Adamtey I of Ghana, Baron Nicholas Papanicoalou and Bishop Timothy Holley

Nelson-Mandela Nelson Mandela

The-Royal-Family-at-Order-of-the-Garter-Ceremony-8-600x450 Elizabeth II and the Duke (I want to come back as a deadly virus)

Catholic-servants Charles, Elizabeth II and William

queen_elizabeth_malta_robe Elizabeth II

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