Membership List of The Knights of Malta

Published on Oct 19, 2013
Eric Prince from Blackwater (Bloodwater) is a Knight of Malta see how everything falls in its place ? Henry Kissinger Knight of malta , George Soros Knight of malta , Rudolph Guiliani Knight of Malta , George J Tenet Knight of Malta , H.W.Bush Knight of Malta , Prescot Junior Bush Knight of Malta , Amschel Meier de Rothschild Knight of malta , David Rockefeller Knight of malta , William Casey (CIA) Knight of Malta , Rick Santorum Knight of Malta , Queen Elizabeth II , Nelson Mandela even people like Bruce Willis and Robert de Niro are Knights !! and The List continues ! Can you people now finally understand how these labour Zionists are controlled ???? by The CFR which is totally controlled by The Arch Bischop of NY ! First Edward Egan , now Timothy Dolan ! The Arch Bischop of NY is The HEAD of ALL USA Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus !!!! Working closely with all the other Archbischops like The Archbischop of Washington controlling The Red Mass (Justice Supreme Courts) and the Blue mass (Police Force) then again all Controlled by The Jesuits of Georgetown and Fordham University , then controlled by The 10 Jesuit Provincials of which Thomas Smolich (cardinal Avery Dulles is even more powerful then Thomas Smolich) is the Head of and then all overseen By The Jesuit Superior Generals ! These are the facts.


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