How ISIS Became the Face of Evil

News for the Revolution

The Islamic State’s Gruesome Propaganda Serves Its Purposes Well, and Those of the United States Too

By Arun Gupta
March 12, 2015
Counter Punch

To really combat terror, end support for Saudi ArabiaTwelve years after the United States invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003, it’s easy to forget that support for the war hinged on the demonization of dictator Saddam Hussein. Weapons of mass destruction may have been the motive and the September 11 attacks provided the opportunity, but it was years of media portrayals of Hussein as worse than Hitler that enabled the Bush administration to rally elite and public support for the war.

By the time Hussein was dispatched in December 2006 after a show trial and botched execution, Washington had found a new face of evil in the form of religiously motivated resistance to the Occupation. The shift was remarkable. The enemy seamlessly transitioned from Hussein, whose roots were as a modernist authoritarian socialist…

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