US and NATO falsifying ‘threat from Russia

Russian is not an existential threat to Europe or the US.
A multi-facted scam: corporate profiterring (Oil/Agri), GMO trojan horse, kharzarian reverve migration

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Surprise, surprise, US and NATO falsifying ‘threat from Russia’

The United States and its NATO allies are exaggerating the so-called threat from Russia to justify surrounding and destabilizing the country as well as increasing US arms exports to the region, an anti-war activist and journalist in Maine says.

“There is no threat from Russia today, NATO is exaggerating the so-called Russian threat,” said Bruce Gagnon, the coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.

“The US will likely position more heavy weapons into Eastern Europe and then leave them for future use as this surrounding of Russia continues,” Gagnon told Press TV on Monday.

His comments come after US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter lauded Washington’s decision to station heavy weaponry in Eastern Europe, and vowed the United States will defend its allies against Russia.

The Pentagon chief said the move would be an “important” step…

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