Turkey let ISIL cross the border to attack Kobane

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The Kurdish militia YPG has begun to “surround” and “sweep the area” where Isil jihadists infiltrated Kobane, spokesman Rêdûr Xelîl told the Telegraph:

Today’s early morning, a group of five cars, loaded with 30-35 of Isil elements, wearing the clothes and raising the flag of the FSA [Free Syrian Army rebels] has undertaken a suicide attack.

They entered from the South and the West sides of Kobane to inside the town. In the beginning they exploded a suicide car bomb near the crossing [with Turkey] then they opened fire randomly at civilians, among them women and children.

Then they infiltrated inside to the neighborhoods. The YPG has started to surround them and sweep the area where they entered.

So far, 15 of this group were killed. Three of them managed to escape to Turkey. There are still some elements hiding inside the city.

The clashes are still going on…

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