After terrorist atrocity in Tunisia it’s time to face facts: ISIS is a child of US-UK wars

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Lindsey German 27 June 2015.

A decade of invasion, occupation and bombing in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere has been the seed bed of ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Medics stretcher victim

Medics stretcher victim of the terror attack on tourists in the Tunisian resort town of Sousse.

THERE IS a sense of shock and horror at the series of terror attacks which took place yesterday.

One can only condemn attacks which lead to the deaths of innocent people, whether praying in a mosque or lying on a beach.

The claiming of these actions by ISIS speaks of a strategy which is not just about fighting in the Middle East but about bringing the war into Europe.

ISIS explicitly stated with the Tunisia attacks that they were in response to members of the coalition at present bombing in Iraq and Syria.

While we can all condemn the attacks we need to…

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