If Cameron wants to stop terrorism start aiding Assad’s Syria, bombing Syria using Tunisia pretence is not the answer

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Tunisia: Cameron raises the possibility of air strikes on Syria as he calls for Isis to be ‘crushed’

Andrew Grice — The Independent June 30, 2015

British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks during an earlier parliamentary debate over Syria in whixh he argued for direct militart intervention. Click to enlarge

David Cameron said that Isis must be “crushed” in Syria as well as Iraq as he reopened the question of whether the UK should launch air strikes against the terrorist group in Syria following the killings of tourists in Tunisia.

British officials insist there are no immediate plans to extend the action taken against Isis in Iraq since last autumn. But Downing Street did not rule out the Syria issue returning to the agenda, saying that Parliament would be told first if any action were proposed.

Mr Cameron’s hint was seen at Westminster as an attempt to flush out Labour’s position. In the last parliament, Labour twice blocked UK military action in Syria. Ed Miliband inflicted a humiliating Commons defeat on Mr Cameron in…

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