How the CIA ran a ‘billion dollar spy’ in Moscow

Later On

A very interesting story, and it looks exactly as though the CIA were making a public relations push in the wake of negative publicity (e.g., about how it spied on Congress and mounted a domestic operation, which is illegal for the CIA, not to mention the torture it did and subsequently deliberately destroying the video evidence of its torture program). Still, it’s an interesting story, an extract from David Hoffman’s book:

The spy had vanished.

He was the most successful and valued agent the United States had run inside the Soviet Union in two decades. His documents and drawings had unlocked the secrets of Soviet radars and weapons research years into the future. He had smuggled circuit boards and blueprints out of his military laboratory. His espionage put the United States in position to dominate the skies in aerial combat and confirmed the vulnerability of Soviet air defenses —…

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