Europe Expected to be the Next Battlefield for ISIS Invasion

Obviuos causal link…poor, marginalized and agrrevied immigrants floooding into west asia (europe) are easy recruitment fodder. False flags await.

sharia unveiled

ISIS in Europe 1.1

Achtung deutsche Leser: Wenn Sie diesen Artikel auf Deutsch lesen möchten, klicken Sie bitte hier. Danke.

by, Alfred Hackensberger | Die Welt | h/t Eeyore @ Vlad Tepes & Nicolai Sennels @

*Thank you to Oz-Rita for the translation and Gates of Vienna for editing & proofreading. 

Lorenz Berger’s face is still pale. His week as a captive of the terrorist militia “Islamic State” has left marks. His back hurts from the gun and baton blows he received for the cross pendant on his necklace. The contaminated water which he had to drink still causes him stomach cramps. Berger is not his real name, and he can handle extreme conditions. He is an ex-soldier and has been in the Middle East for a while working for different European secret services, more or less as a freelance agent.

But during those days in Northern Syria, he did not think…

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