UK Government confesses to helping Saudi dictatorship kill civilians in Yemen

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UK reveals details of its support for the Saudi campaign in Yemen  

A British minister has provided some information regarding the UK’s participation in the Saudi-led coalition that is bombing Yemen

LONDON –The UK government on Tuesday revealed some details of its support for Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign in Yemen, which includes an undisclosed number of British personnel currently stationed at the Saudi-led coalition headquarters.  

Minister of State for the Armed Forces Penny Mordaunt said that over 150 Britons are working “to support Saudi Arabia” in response to a question from Green Party MP Caroline Lucas on the Yemeni conflict.

An undisclosed number of British “liaison personnel” are working at the “Saudi and coalition air and maritime headquarters,” according to Mordaunt’s statement.

The minister did not reveal details of the work being done at the coalition headquarters, but did say that “none of these personnel are participating…

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