REALPOLITIK: Covert Operations & the CIA’s Hidden History in the Philippines (Archive)


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– For a long time, Manila has been the main station, if not the regional headquarters, of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for Southeast Asia. This is perhaps so because the Philippines has always been regarded as a stronghold of US imperial power in Asia. Since the Americanized Filipinos were under the spell of American culture, they were easy to recruit without realizing they were committing treason to their own people and country. And from the beginning of the 20th century to 1992, there were the US military bases, the mighty symbols and infrastructure of American power.

By Roland G. Simbulan, Convenor/Coordinator, Manila Studies Program
University of the Philippines

(Lecture at the University of the Philippines-Manila, Rizal Hall, Padre Faura, Manila, August 18, 2000.)

CIA human intelligence assets in Manila are said to have provided vital information at crucial times. According to declassified documents under the Freedom…

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