Blair-Illegal Iraq war: The intelligence wasn’t wrong, it was ignored

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The Iraq war, Blair and the other sucker

Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush and Tony Blair

By Jamal Kanj

“I apologise for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong,” Tony Blair told Fareed Zakaria during a CNN interview.

The TV interview came ahead of the much delayed British Chilcot Inquiry report, investigating the Iraq war, now expected by summer 2016.

Blair also apologised “for some of the mistakes in planning” the war.

It didn’t, however, come clear from the interview what were “some of” the correct decisions made in planning for the war.

A war made for Israel

The war was neither a mistake, nor based on “wrong” intelligence. It was well thought of by those who cooked the intelligence book and sold it to two suckers named George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

The plan intended to break up Iraq, destroy its know-how by assassinating Iraqi scientists, and dismantle the Iraqi army.

…Blair’s infamous dossier on…

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