Watch the UK Supreme Court wriggle, then help it come clean

It is indeed a reminder of the unwarranted belief in the integrity of the UK legal system.

Watts Up With That?

Britain’s highest court apologizes for breaking the law but dodges questions about its widely-broadcast September 2015 climate-change propaganda event urging national and international courts to “scotch” the “claims” of skeptical climate scientists and researchers.

Guest essay by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley 

A month ago I sent a Freedom of Information request to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in London, asking it 20 questions pertinent to its staging of a pantomime of hate against skeptical scientific researchers in September 2015. The court should have replied by 12 November but did not reply. I gave it two working days’ grace and then wrote asking to be informed of its procedure for complaints about its breach of the law of the land in not replying by the statutory deadline.


Photo: The UK Supreme Court

If a public authority is in the wrong and receives FOIA questions about its wrongdoing, its…

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