Ethiopia Forces US Military To Shut Down One Of Its Killer Drone Bases

News For The Blind

This Tuesday, the Ethiopian government told the US military that they could no longer operate an airfield within its borders to conduct drone operations. The operations were reportedly targetted at sites in Somalia and Yemen.

The airfield is located in the town of Arba Minch, and until now it was a steady base of operations where Reaper drone attacks were launched.

“This was done upon request by the Ethiopian government. In the first place, this was a project with a limited timespan and both governments had long prepared themselves for this eventuality,” government spokesman Getachew Reda told Reuters.

Sadly, the US military has drone bases all over the planet, and this will only be a small setback for them.

David Kennedy, Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Addis Ababa said that they are no longer stationed in that region.

“US military personnel are no longer in Arba…

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