North Korea’s Kim Jong-un

To his fellow pupils, he was a pleasant, if unremarkable classmate: a quiet teenager, dedicated to the typical adolescent passions of computer games, designer trainers and action movies. Pak Un, who enrolled at a state school in Liebefeld, Switzerland, back in 1997, seemed like just another shy new boy – the son, his class was told, of an Asian ambassador posted to the nearby Swiss capital, Bern.

Pak Un, real name Kim Jong-un, is expected to be anointed as the leader-in-waiting of North Korea, the world’s last Stalinist state.
Unbeknown to them, their classmate was in actual fact the youngest son of Kim Jong-il, the ageing, tyrannical Supreme Leader who took over from his own father, Kim Il-sung, in 1994. Now, as the only hereditary dynasty in communist history is poised to transfer power yet again, Kim Jong-un is tipped to be named heir apparent at a rare general conference of North Korea’s Workers’ Party

Asian reporters tracked down Joao and Marco and revealed their friend’s real identity.
“I was amazed when I heard he would become the next leader,” said Joao, who now hopes to catch his friend’s coronation on the news. “But his time in our school was probably an important one for him, and hopefully he learned many things. I think he will be a bit cooler than his father.”

Note: Kim Jong-un went to a state school in Switzerland, why Switzerland? He had to speak German at school. Does this make him a europhile? At this point I am not inclined to dismiss DPNK western’s enmity as theatre.


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