Who owns the World ?


[queen.jpg]Queen Elizabeth IIis the largest landowner in the world.

She is the head of state not only from Britain but also from 31 other countries and territories, and it is the private ownership of approximately 27 million square kilometers of land, more than 1 / 6 of the total land surface of the earth.2/3 rds of the Antarctica also.

That’s the equivalent of about 75 times the size of Germany.<HM QE IIis the only person in the world to belong whole countries. This land has nothing to do with her role as head of state. The value of this country amounts to 16,000 billion euros in 2010. This makes her the richest person in the world.

Her property will be protected by the laws of the countries that belong to her, or their head of state it is.

Most land belongs to her in Canada…

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