Noam Chomsky on the 2016 Elections: ‘I Have Never Seen Such Lunatics in the Political System’

I can’t believe what I am reading? Noam Chomsky is blaming Osama for the war on Terror.

” Look at the so-called global war on terror. It started in 15 years ago with a small cell in a tribal sector in Afghanistan.”

Who supported insurgents to undermine USSR in Afghanistan? Who had a business relationship with the Osama family?
Noam is either lying, as he cannot be that willfuly ignorant. Nothing about CIA, Oil interests or the crime Bush family.

Counter Information


By Simone Chun

Professor Chomsky was interviewed in Boston by the writer and activist Simone Chun for the Hankyoreh newspaper. Here is the English translation of the interview, courtesy of Ms. Chun. She was accompanied in her first meeting with Prof. Chomsky in November 2015 (pictured) by Christine Ahn, the founder of Women Cross DMZ, which led a historic march across the North-South Korean border last May (full disclosure, Ms. Chun, Ms. Ahn and myself are all affiliated with the Korea Peace Institute). 

Ms. Chun’s interview recently took place, at Professor Chomsky’s office at MIT. Here is the Q&A. 

March 18, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – “Alternet“-  Chun: Do you feel that there will be any significant change in the foreign policy of the United States after President Obama?

Chomsky: If Republicans are elected, there could be major changes that will be awful. I have never seen…

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