Panama Papers destabilise Cameron government in UK

Cameron and his government of multi-millionaires, aristocrats and crooks on-the-make preside over the imposition of savage austerity and the destruction of jobs, wages and essential services, all for the purpose of making those they serve—and who pay no tax—even richer.

Counter Information

11 April 2016

The angry response in the UK to the “Panama Papers” revelations has further destabilised the Conservative government of Prime Minister David Cameron. Already weakened by deep divisions over membership of the European Union and the threatened closure of what little remains of a UK steel industry, the government now faces protests by thousands demanding Cameron’s resignation and a petition calling for a general election next year that has gained 100,000 signatures, which must now be debated in parliament’s Westminster Hall. Cameron is to make a statement to parliament today.

The leak of the Panama Papers, detailing over 200,000 offshore companies listed by the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, provides a glimpse into the shady world of tax avoidance carried out by the world’s elite.

The documents identify heads of state and government officials in more than 45 countries who have set up accounts and shell companies in…

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